Greene Le Corp Consulting and Trade Service

Greene Le Corp’s headquarter is located in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. We have been involved in Vietnam business for over 25 years; we understand the laws and cultural practices and speak the language. Moreover, we also have an office in Vietnam that can refer specialists who will handle your business venture professionally. We will evaluate your concern conscientiously and provide an effective plan and path forward for your business endeavour. Our trade service is to introduce US firms to Vietnam’s markets and compatible Vietnamese business associates. As a result, in assisting US companies in searching for new materials out-sourcing via our network relationship with other Vietnamese manufacturers.

    • Management and business development consulting for small and mid-sized businesses
    • Product sourcing for US and Vietnamese Buyers
    • Importing Vietnamese manufactured products into the US
    • Real estate and business investment consulting, primarily in Vietnam
    • Exporting US Technologies to Vietnam

Our product sourcing and importing channels offer significant savings to our clients due to the much lower material and labor costs in Vietnam​

As an import agency to the US, European, and Japanese markets, GLC has proven capabilities to assist our trade service clients. Once our collaboration is initiated, we will search for Vietnam businesses that can provide materials, products, and services to meet your requirement. GLC will serve as your agent in Vietnam, ensuring that:

    • Quality standards, shipping and delivery requirements, production capacities, and other requirements are fulfilled.
    • Appropriate contracts and documentation are in place to protect your interests and conform to Vietnam’s import/export laws, tax and duty schedules, insurance requirements, and other international trade requirements.

GLC has researched hundreds of Vietnamese suppliers throughout each region of Vietnam. From the extensive research, we have selected the pre-qualified the best manufacturers of specific products within specific markets. Additionally, we have working relationships with these high-quality suppliers. We have established these relationships with company executives, touring their facilities, and working with them to assure export product quality, capacity, and timeliness.

With the government focus on economic development through the increase of exports and the approval of the Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (BTA), these businesses are more than happy to receive our assistance while giving us the opportunity to pre-qualify their products as suitable for US export. By being here in Vietnam coupled with our experience in the country, we have sufficient connections in each major Vietnamese market to be able to pre-qualify any supplier or manufacturer with confidence.