Greene Le Corp, GLC, is an American-owned US-based investment and trade consulting company incorporated in South Carolina. We provide investment consulting and trade services for US investors and Vietnamese corporations. We have extensive experience and are actively involved in Vietnam real estate, foreign investment projects, and commercial trade.

GLC Lures Manufacturing

For our fishing tackle division, we provide the design and production specifications, set up the process, quality inspections, and package products. Our manufacturing factory is in Vietnam. We take pride in the manufacture as our products are for the fisherman; thus we only use high-quality materials to make fishing lures that guarantee lifetime durability. Cumulatively, we have designed numerous products which are innovative and cost-effective. Recently, we have expanded the factory’s compacity to accommodate the demand of fishing lures. We chose Vietnam for multiple reasons. Vietnam offers an abundant natural resource, religious tolerance, a highly skilled workforce, and low business start-up and operating costs.


Our products hold US Utility Patents for easy-on and easy-off silicone lure skirts. These patented skirts are trademarked and privately branded by our customers under the EZ Skirt™, EZ Trailer™, Perfect Skirt™, Perfect Skirt™ with Magic Tails™, Lightning Skirt™, EZ Teaser™, Big EZ, SilaFlash™, Holo-Sil, EZ Legs, EZ Eyes, and Bling Baits brand names.

Lure Component products include:
  • Traditional rubber banded lure skirts
  • Old school natural rubber lure skirts
  • Skirt production tools & kits
  • Silicone and natural rubber skirt tabs
  • Patended EZ Hub skirts
  • Patended CapWrap skirts
  • Patended Holo-Sil skirts
  • Custom 3D holographic lure eyes
  • Plastic and brass rattles
  • Nylon weed guards
  • Wire forms and lure blades
  • Custom CNC metal, epoxy, and plastic lure bodies
Our line of finished artificial fishing lures includes:
  • Soft plastic baits
  • Custom crank baits
  • Lead head wire baits
  • Lead jigs
  • Epoxy and resin saltwater teaser heads
  • CNC machined Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel salt-water teaser lures

Manufacturing capabilities:

  • Rubber and silicone pigmentation and compounding
  • Computerized color matching and pigmentation laboratory
  • Rubber and silicone extrusion
  • Injection and compression molding of rubber, silicone, and plastic (PlestiSol, TPE, PVC, etc) products
  • Silicone, natural rubber, and plastic painting including silk screening, glitter application, and foiling processes
  • Silicone and rubber sheet die cutting
  • CNC spin casting
  • Mold making (silicone & Metal)
  • Metal die cutting
  • Metal EDM cutting


  • Metal CNC machining and die casting
  • Plating (Electro-Plating & Vaccum Metalizing)
  • CNC Laser cutting
  • Wire bending
  • Custom lure assembly
  • Pad printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Custom lure painting (Automated & Hand)
  • Package printing
  • Package materials (Clamshells, Blister Packs, etc.)
  • Product prototyping utilize CAD and CNC capabilities