King Bling Teaser

Offshore Trolling Lures

GLC Fishing has been manufacturing machined Aluminum and stainless steel mesh chum baskets for several years. Now we have combined the chum basket with our trolling lure expertise to create the Chummy Lure. Our Chummy is make of machined aircraft quality Aluminum to handle the big bite and roughneck boat mates. It employs our patented Easy Hub skirt system for easy skirt removal and installation, with our patented Holo-Sil holographic silicone laminated strands for superior action and brilliant flash. Just stuff the camber full of your favorite chum or use our proprietary biodegradable “Scent Sponge” material to produce a live bait simulating scent trail.

Offshore Head-Skirt Combination

GLC Fishing has designed and manufactures a variety on Epoxy (weighted & unweighted), Aluminum, and Brass heads for most every species and fishing condition. Our head are designed to be used with our patented silicone Big Game Easy Hub, Easy Band, or Big Easy skirts. Skirts are completely and easily interchangeable, providing for unlimited size and color variations. Our silicone skirts available in all the popular, fish attracting colors with or without our patented Holo-Sil holographic “flash” lamination, in sizes from 5″ to 12″. Silicone skirting is extremely breathable and provided a fish attracting pulsation unmatched by standard PVC and nylon “hair” skirt materials. The patented Holo-Sil holographic film laminated onto silicone skirt strands produces an impressive pulsating flash.

Inshore Lure

Castable Umbrella Rigs

Our Salt Buster Rigs come in 2 head designs each weighing in at a mere 5/16 oz. for easy casting. Our fully hardened 304SS, 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm diameter wires are extremely durable. Since 80 to 100 lb. limp braid line is typically used for heaving these rigs, it is not uncommon for the line to “out-run” the rig and get tangled on any rough edges on the rig. So we add shrink wrap covers to the loop wire wraps to inhibit line tangle. These rigs are great for heavy Bass fishing or light saltwater fishing

In-shore Buster Rigs

This RIG is extremely light at 1/4 oz. We use fully hardened 304SS, 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm diameter wires that are extremely durable. This rig has been proven to be quite effective for Freshwater species using the 0.8 mm wires loaded up with our silicone mini tube jigs in white, white/chartreuse, and chartreuse colors. And for Flounder, inshore Redfish, Spanish, Snook, Sea Bass, and Sea Trout using the 1.0 mm wires loaded up with our silicone mini tube jigs in Electric Chicken, New Penny, and Mullet colors.