GLC Fishing lures and components are manufactured to high standards, using only the highest quality materials. Our Lead jigs and wire bait heads are made of virgin Lead hardened with Antimony and Tin to provide superior hardness and durability and to achieve precise weighting. We never use recycle Lead. After molding, we hand polished these to remove any remnant of parting line and provide a smooth surface prior to painting and/or plating. Our lures are all airbrushed and hand painted with at least 2 clear coats high quality lacquers and acrylics. Our CNC machined metal heads are made of high quality (>48% Zinc) Brass, 304 and 307 marine grade stainless steel, or aircraft grade Aluminum. We handed poured epoxy head.


Our hard plastic lure bodies are molded by one of our partner factories that specialize in plastic injection and provides lure bodies for several of the leading Japanese lure companies. We inject soft plastics (Plastisol) at our facilities. However, these are limited to pieces that we need to complement our jig heads as a packaged unit and not for bulk sale. We stamp lure spoons in-house via 3 automated metal punch machines. All of our lure finishing is done in-house including preparation, plating, painting, printing, assembly, and packaging. 

*** The intention of this site is to show examples of GLC’s products, whether fully assembled lures or components, and also to demonstrate the extend of GLC’s product design, development, and production capabilities. Many of the products displayed on this site are proprietary in nature or our customer’s products were used to display GLC components.***