Greene Le Corp (GLC) is an American-owned US-based investment and trade consulting company incorporated in the state of South Carolina. GLC provides investment consulting and trade services for US investors and Vietnamese corporations. We have extensive experience and are actively involved in Vietnam real estate, foreign investment projects, and commercial trade.

Our fishing tackle division, GLC Fishing designs and builds fishing lures and lure components. We provide the design and production specifications, set up the production process, perform quality inspections, and package product. At GLC Fishing, our primary focus is on the fisherman. We have designed an array of products that are innovative and cost-effective. Our products are made with the finest materials with unmatched durability.

Several of our products hold US Utility Patents including a line of easy on/easy off silicone lure skirts. These patented skirts are trademarked and private branded by our customers under the EZ Skirt™, EZ Trailer™, Perfect Skirt™, Perfect Skirt™ with Magic Tails™, Lightning Skirt™, EZ Teaser™, Big EZ, SilaFlash™, Holo-Sil, EZ Legs, EZ Eyes, and Bling Baits brand names.

Lure component products include:

  • Traditional rubber banded lure skirts
  • Old school natural rubber lure skirts
  • Skirt production tools & kits
  • Silicone and natural rubber skirt tabs
  • Patended EZ Hub skirts
  • Patended CapWrap skirts
  • Patended Holo-Sil skirts
  • Custom 3D holographic lure eyes
  • Plastic and brass rattles
  • Nylon weed guards
  • Wire forms and lure blades
  • Custom CNC metal, epoxy, and plastic lure bodies

Our line of finished artificial fishing lures includes:

  • Soft plastic baits
  • Custom crank baits
  • Lead head wire baits
  • Lead jigs
  • Epoxy and resin saltwater teaser heads
  • CNC machined Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel saltwater teaser lures
Viet Nam Image

The factory is located in Vietnam and has been operating for more than 20 years. We have expanded the factory to meet the demand of fishing skirt production. We chose Vietnam for multiple reasons. Vietnam offers an abundant natural resource, religious tolerance, a highly skilled workforce, and low business start-up and operating costs.

Our offshore manufacturing capabilities include:

Greene Le Corp consulting and trade services

Greene Le Corp's headquarter is located in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA. The production and packaging facilities are in Tien Giang Province and Saigon, Vietnam. Unique about us is that we understand the laws and cultural practices in Vietnam and speak the language. We have in-country offices and access to specialists who will handle your business venture professionally. We will analyze your concern conscientiously and provide the best solution regarding the issues.

GLC and its associates are active in all Vietnamese markets. As a result, our trade service is re-directing US firms to Vietnam's vast product market and compatible Vietnamese business associates. Thus, assisting US companies in locating new product sourcing channels via our network of relationships with Vietnamese manufacturers.

Our product sourcing and importing channels offer significant savings to our clients due to the much lower material and labor costs in Vietnam.

Through our business collaboration service, we identify the compatible Vietnam businesses that can provide a wide array of materials, products, and services to meet your needs. As an experienced importer of products to the US, European, and Japanese markets, GLC has the proven capabilities to assist our trade services clients with their import-export needs. Once an import-export transaction is initiated, GLC will serve as your agent in Vietnam, ensuring that:

GLC has researched hundreds of Vietnamese suppliers throughout each Vietnam's region. From the extensive research, we have selected and pre-qualified the best manufacturers of specific products within specific markets. Additionally, we have working relationships with these high-quality suppliers. We have established these relationships with company executives, touring their facilities, and working with them to assure export product quality, capacity, and timeliness.

With the governments focus on economic development through the increase of exports and the approval of the Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (BTA), these firms are more than happy to receive our assistance while giving us the opportunity to pre-qualify their products as suitable for US export. By being here in Vietnam coupled with our experience in the country, we have sufficient connections in each major Vietnamese market to be able to pre-qualify any supplier or manufacturer with confidence.