DISCLAIMER - The intent of this website is to show examples of GLC's products, whether fully assembled lures or components thereof; and to demonstrate the extent of GLC's product development and production capabilities. Some of the items displayed on this site are proprietary in nature and/or may be our customers' products used to display GLC components, and are not available for sale to other customers.

Greene Le Corp (GLC) is an American-owned US-based investment and trade consulting company incorporated in the state of South Carolina.  GLC provides investment consulting and trade services for US investors and Vietnamese corporations. We have  extensive experience and are actively involved in Vietnam real estate, foreign investment projects, and commercial trade.

Our fishing tackle division, GLC Fishing designs, builds, and imports rubber, silicone, plastic, metal, and composite fishing lures and fishing lure components.  We provide the design and production specs, establish and oversee production, and perform quality inspections and packaging services.  At GLC Fishing, our design focus is on the fisherman.  Our custom designed fishing lures and components are focused on making fishing easier and less costly for the fisherman.  We have designed an array of products that not only make it easier, and less expense for the fisherman but also maximize fishing productivity.  Our line of easy products makes it simple for the fisherman to quickly change the character and presentation of the fishing lure in between casts without re-rigging.  Our easy system saves time on the water, thus increasing fishing productivity, and it saves money.  No more need to purchase multiple lures just to get a variety of skirt, blade, trailer, and eye colors and styles.  The GLC lure design process includes a one year testing and design enhancement process consisting of rigorous testing by our team of pro, semi-pro, and amateur (want-to-be pro) fishermen and design modification based on testing feedback.  At the end of the testing/refinement cycle, if our lure doesn't get greater hook-up than comparable top brand lure models, then we don't introduce it.

This diverse line of fisherman-friendly products are patented by GLC Fishing. They are trademarked and private branded by our Customers under the EZ Skirt™, EZ Trailer™, Perfect Skirt™, Perfect Skirt™ with Magic Tails™, Lightning Skirt™, EZ Rattler, EZ Treble, EZ Teaser™, Big EZ, SilaFlash™, Holo-Sil, Living Image, EZ Blade, EZ Legs, EZ Eyes, Tuna Worm, Gilly Lure, Fishizzle, Boscoe, Big Eye, King Bling, and Bling Baits brand names. Our complete line of products includes our patented silicone lure skirt designs; traditional rubber banded lure skirts; skirt production tools & kits; custom 3D holographic lure eyes; holographic lure foils; plastic, brass, and glass rattles; nylon weed guards; wire forms; lure blades; custom metal, epoxy, & plastic lure bodies; soft baits (PlastiSol, TPE, & PVC); custom crank baits, spinner baits, buzz baits, and jigs; and an array of our GLC designed offshore teasers and lures and inshore spinner baits and jigs.

Our offshore manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Rubber and silicone pigmentation and compounding
  • Computerized color matching and pigmentation laboratory
  • Rubber and silicone extrusion
  • Injection and compression molding of rubber, silicone, and plastic (PlastiSol, TPE, PVC, etc.) products
  • Silicone, natural rubber, and plastic painting including silk screening, glitter application, and foiling processes
  • Silicone and rubber sheet die cutting
  • CNC spin casting
  • Mold making (silicone & metal)
  • Metal die cutting (lure blade stamping)
  • Metal EDM cutting
  • Metal CNC machining and die casting
  • Plating (Electro-Plating & Vacuum Metalizing)
  • CNC Laser cutting
  • Wire bending
  • Custom lure assembly
  • Pad printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Custom lure painting (Automated & Hand)
  • Package printing
  • Packaging materials (Clamshells, Blister Packs, etc.)
  • Product prototyping utilizing CAD and CNC capabilities

Our offshore facilities also include machine shop services for manufacturing industrial machinery and molds.







GLC Fishing designed, patented, developed the production process, and imports many new fishing lure and lure component products which have been private branded and trademarked by GLC Fishing and/or our US Customers under the following trademarks:

  • EASY HUB SKIRT (US Patent #7,805,880) - an easy on, easy off hub mounted silicone fishing lure skirt for fresh and salt water application; branded by customers as the EZ Skirt™ and the Perfect Skirt™; available in 2” to 5” strand lengths with a 10 mm clear or color coordinated hub for smaller freshwater game fish lure application, and 4.5”, 6” and 8” with a 16 mm clear or color coordinated hub for Big Game and offshore teaser lure application. Our easy hub skirt is the first truly new design innovation in the fishing lure skirt market in over 25 years. Introduced in 2006, the easy hub skirt has caught the industry by storm. The easy hub skirt and our entire line of easy products also serve to eliminate the costly practice of having to purchase multiple lures just to acquire a variety of skirt, blade, and trailer styles and colors. We now offer these skirts in textured silicone. These heavy textured strand skirts provide added fullness and body. They also tend to hold air bubbles and then release the bubbles slowly while jigging. When used for offshore trolling, these "Smoker" skirts provide excellent bubble smoke. As a result of customer feedback, we now offer the Easy Hub skirt with a smaller 6 mm hub instead of the standard 10 mm hub. These new Easy Hub skirts work great on jigs where you don't want the skirt hub extending out beyond the back of the jig head. And they have a smaller umbrella profile which is preferred to jigs. For wire baits, the larger hub is still preferred because of its bulbous umbrella.


  • EASY HUB TRAILER SKIRT (US Patent #7,805,880) – an easy on, easy off hub mounted skirt with an easy on, easy off trailer skirt either as a one piece unit or as an add on trailer attachment, branded by customers as the EZ Trailer Skirt™ and the Perfect Skirt with Magic Tail™. Available in 4 inch 2 to 21 strand trailer or as an easily replaceable 3.5” or 4” 2 to 21 strand add-on trailer skirt.

  • EASY HUB SKIRT w/ SHAPED TRAILER STRANDS (US Patent #7,805,880) GLC proudly introduces the patented Easy Hub Skirt with Live Bait Image and Custom Action Shaped Trailer Strands. For years, anglers have been adding relatively stiff "soft plastic" or PlastiSol fish prey images and action tails as trailers to their skirted lures to create a fish attracting appearance. GLC has now created a silicone lure skirt that incorporates these images and shapes into the skirt, thus creating an irresistible, fish attracting appearance, profile, and action. The advantages are clear. You can now get the age-old commonly used appearance of a "skirted chunk/trailer" without having to purchase soft plastics that have little action and limited durability. We have integrated the appearance of the skirted chunk into the functionality of our easy on/easy off skirting design. When used on our patented easy on/easy off Easy Hub Skirt it is now easier than ever (and less expensive) to add and interchange fish prey images and action tails to any jig or wire bait. Lastly and most importantly, the custom shaped silicone trailer strands incorporated into our skirts are extremely breathable and provide an exceptionally dynamic pulsation and action. The visual images of natural game fish prey and action images combined with their pulsating action invoke aggressive reaction strikes. We also offer these skirts in textured silicone. These heavy textured strand skirts provide fullness and body much like the traditional soft plastic chunk. Only they are more flexible and breathable, and when combined with our swirl (Living Image) coloration, they create an exceptional prey-like appearance.

  • EASY BAND SKIRT (US Patent #7,647,722) - an easily replaceable silicone stranded fishing lure skirt that looks identical (44 strand umbrella/44 strand hook cover) to the traditional cut/banded lure skirt, except the band is silicone and is molded in place allowing for easy replacement and significantly greater band life; Also available with integrated 21 strand trailer

  • MICRO EASY HUB/TREBLE SKIRT (US Patent #7,805,880) - an easily replaceable 1” to 2” fine cut silicone stranded small jig head skirt or treble hook skirt dressing

  • CAPPED WRAP SKIRT (US Patent #7,647,722) - an inexpensive, practical alternative to the old style banded skirt with features similar to our easy hub skirt for fresh and salt water application: available in 1.5” or 14” strand lengths.

  • BANDED SKIRTS - Traditional rubber banded skirts made from 100% high quality silicone in durometers ranging from 10 Shore (Super Soft) to 80 Shore (Stiff), in sizes from 3" to 12", and in thousands of colors and prints. Banded with a 100% Natural Rubber band with UV protection additive to resist dry rot. Rubber bands available in amber, white, black, hot chartreuse, green pumpkin, brown, blood red, and blaze orange.

  • SWIRL SKIRTING MATERIAL – the industry’s first swirled and blended color lure skirt strands, can be applied to a banded skirt or any of our line of easy skirt products.

  • SILICONE SHEETS AND TABS, ASSEMBLY TOOLS, AND SKIRT KITS - 100% high quality silicone, compression molded sheets and tabs in various sizes for the production of fishing lure skirts; including silicone pigmentation, glitter application, silk screening, and chroming. Our Banded Skirt assembly kits include a variety of skirt tabs, bands, rattle bands, rattles, and our patent pending easy to use hand-held skirt assembly tool. We also offer a new Bench Mounted Banded Skirt assembly tool for mass production of traditional rubber banded skirts and "Double Umbrella" banded skirts (tabs banded over a silicone core piece to create a pronounced double umbrella). Our Easy Hub Skirt assembly kits include a variety of special cut tabs, Easy Hubs, assembly plated, clamping jigs, and liquid silicone applicator.

  • EASY HUB SKIRT TEASER (US Patent #7,805,880) – GLC has created a new style Kingfish teaser that incorporates our easy on, easy off hub mounted skirts in strand lengths from 2” up to 6”  We manufacture custom skirt hub/heads in plated brass, polished stainless steel, and vacuum metalized plastic to create a Kingfish teaser with a perfect umbrella and pulsating action like no other.   And when we include our patent pending holographic flash silicone skirt strands, you get a Kingfish teaser with a pulsating flash that drives fish wild.  Our easy teasers and easy holographic flash teasers can be rigged separately or as a daisy chain teaser .  This easy teaser has been private branded by Z-Man Fishing Products as the new EZ Teaser™.  The easy teaser can be customized to any color combination, to catch anything you put your mind to.

  • HOLO-SIL SKIRTING MATERIAL (US Patent #7,740,726) – metallic/holographic foils and Mylar laminated with silicone or urethane using our patented adhesion process to create the industry’s first metallic stranded lure skirt with the durability and action of a silicone skirt and the flash of polished chrome

  • HOLO-SIL SMOKER SKIRTS (US Patent #7,740,726) – an Easy Hub, Easy Band, or Big Game Capped Wrap skirt with deep ribs cut into one side of each strand and our patented Holo-Sil holographic laminate on the other side.  The combination creates the ultimate flash and smoke attractor.  Before a lure can catch a fish, the fish has to see the lure. The flash of the Holo-Sil and the ‘smoke trail’ left behind by the Smoker skirt as the lure travels through the water gets the attention of a patrolling fish. Even big lures are very small when compared to the vast ocean, but bright flash and a good ‘smoke trail’ can make their presence far more noticeable. It can be likened to a jet aircraft flying over at 30,000 feet. On its own that jet would be a tiny dot in a huge sky and could easily be missed, but the flash of the sun off of the planes metallic body and the vapor trail left behind the jet engines is highly visible and draws the eye to the aircraft, making a tiny object highly visible. Our Holo-Sil Smoker skirts work in exactly the same way to a fish. Once the fish is attracted to your lure, you've won 80% of the battle.

  • BIG GAME CAPPED WRAP SKIRT (BIG EZ SKIRT) (US Patent #7,647,722) - the first of its kind easy on, easy off reversible (streamer or umbrella) saltwater teaser bait skirt; available in 6”, 8”, and 11.5” strand lengths

  • BIG EZ TEASER LURE – Our custom machined chromed brass bullet or smoker head with the Big EZ™ Skirt, the first of its kind easy on, easy off reversible (streamer or umbrella) saltwater teaser bait skirt; available in 6”, 8”, and 11.5” strand lengths.

  • GLC HOLO-SIL OFFSHORE TEASER LURES (US Patent #7,740,726) – an Easy Hub, Easy Band, or Big Game Capped Wrap skirt incorporating our patented Holo-Sil skirt strands combined with our extensive array of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and ultra clear epoxy teaser heads in head weights from 25 g to 500 g.  And now we are introducing our new Holo-Sil Smoker skirts which allows the skirt to create more flash, more disturbance, more vibration and more SMOKE in the water, resulting in more strikes and more fish.

  • HOLO-SIL BUZZ TEASER (US Patent #7,740,726) – an Easy Hub Skirt incorporating Holo-Sil skirt strands which are metallic/holographic foils and Mylar laminated with silicone or urethane with a chromed nylon propeller blade integrated into the skirt hub, combined with our custom machined brass teaser head, color chromed in chrome silver, red, pink, purple, and green; standard sizes available include 40g bullet head with 4.5” or 6” stranded Easy Hub Skirt.  Propeller blades are easily removed and replaced.

  • EASY RATTLE – a rattle collar system specifically designed for easy on, easy off fitment to our easy hub skirt.  This easy rattle system employs our specially designed polycarbonate rattles with brass drum ends that mount on the easy collar loosely, allowing unidirectional movement and maximizing sound production.  Our rattles are designed to uniquely produce the exact underwater sound frequency known to attract fish.

  • EZ BLADE - an easily replaceable lure blade in all of the sizes and styles typically used by the fisherman.  Our EZ Blade simply clips on and off of any looped appendage on the lure, such as the split ring at the end of a swivel, a clevis, etc., thus allowing quick and easy change out of the lures blades.  With our EASY system, the fisherman spends less time changing lures and more time catching fish.

  • EZ LEGS - an easily replaceable silicone or TPE paddle tail leg trailer available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit virtually any lure.  As with all of our EASY products the EZ Legs are quickly and easily replaced to change the character and presentation of the lure.  With our EASY system, the fisherman spends less time changing lures and more time catching fish.


  • EZ EYES - easily replaceable silicone or TPE wings or straps with 3D holographic eyes attached.  As with all of our EASY products the EZ Eyes are quickly and easily replaced to change the character and presentation of the lure.  With our EASY system, the fisherman spends less time changing lures and more time catching fish.


  • GILLY LURE/TUNA WORM - A 100% silicone injection molded, hollow bodied, custom painted fishing lure in sand eel and plug styles and 6 sizes from 70mm to 320mm length.  More durable and better action than soft plastic sand eels.  Equally effective for Stripe Bass and Blackfin Tuna.

  • GLC CUSTOM DESIGNED LURES - Our lures are designed with one simple goal.  Create a species-specific lure that will catch more of that species fish than the other leading brand lures on the market.  With this in mind, our lure design process includes a one year testing and design enhancement cycle consisting of rigorous testing by our team of pro, semi-pro, and amateur (want-to-be pro) fishermen and design modification based on testing feedback.  At the end of the testing/refinement cycle, if our lure doesn't get greater hook-up than comparable top brand lure models, then we don't introduce it.









GLC Fishing also designed, patented, developed the production process, and imports many generic and unbranded fishing lure, lure component, and accessory products:

  • Ribbon Fish - a 100% silicone, injection molded fishing lure in 24" and 30" sizes
  • Squid Fishing Shrimp Lure – a soft bodied, custom painted silicone shrimp lure used primarily in Japan for the commercial squid fishing industry
  • An array of wire baits, jig baits, and soft body (PlastiSol, TPE, PVC) fishing lures
  • Blades, swivels, snaps, weed guards, polycarbonate and glass rattles, 3D holographic eyes, trolling lure heads, plug bodies, and other lure components
  • Lure skirt making kits and skirt tools
  • Breathable lure bags, sports jewelry and other accessories
  • Dredge Bar System – a machined stainless steel hub for dredge teaser systems with adjustable dredge bar positioning; Can be used with 4 or 6 bars

GLC Design and Production Oversight Team


Other products currently being imported to the USA by Greene Le Corp include:

  • UniTrek™ Shoecover - a 100% rubber, UV protected shoecover for nuclear worker protection clothing application
  • DuraCover™ Rubber Flat Shoecover - a 100% rubber, UV protected flat disposable or reusable shoecover for nuclear, chemical, and industrial worker protective clothing application
  • Latex Gloves - disposable (13 mil) and reusable (18 mil) high quality latex glove for nuclear, chemical, and industrial worker protection
  • Latex Flat Shoecover - disposable (24 mil) high quality latex shoecover for nuclear, chemical, and industrial worker protection
  • Push/Pull Pole Ends – nylon and plastic injection molded tips with or without stainless steel inserts and forks for push/pull poles
  • Custom made wood furniture, cabinets, doors, and flooring
  • Granite and marble slab, counter tops, and tile
  • Custom hand made solid marble tubs, sinks, and fixtures

In addition to making lures and components, our CNC machine shop capabilities include design and custom manufacturing of:

  • Compounding mills
  • Extruders
  • Presses up to 300 ton
  • Cutting dies
  • Molds for rubber, silicone, and plastic injection and compression molding
  • Rotary cutters



GLC’s consulting and trade services include:

  • Management and business development consulting for small and mid-sized businesses;
  • Product sourcing for US and Vietnamese Buyers;
  • Importing Vietnamese manufactured products into the US;
  • Exporting US Technologies to Vietnam;
  • Marketing support for US and Vietnamese product and service Exporters and Suppliers;
  • Building alliances between US and Vietnamese corporations;
  • Real estate and business investment consulting, primarily in Vietnam;
  • And, comprehensive business management support and facilitation of international import-export trade ventures.

GLC is headquartered in Pawleys Island, SC USA with Offices/Packing facility in Tien Giang Province and Saigon, Vietnam. We have corporate partner relationships with licensed and incorporated consulting & trade companies in South Carolina, New York City; Washington, DC; Rhode Island; Virginia; Tennessee; Texas; Florida; California; Oregon; New Mexico, Hanoi, and Saigon to better serve your marketing, sourcing, and import-export needs. We are unique in that we have lived and worked throughout Vietnam, speak the language and understand the laws, practices, culture and challenges of living and working in Vietnam. We have in-country offices and people on the ground in Vietnam, as well as access to in-country specialists who will handle your venture confidentially and professionally. We do not seek to be all things to all people or to accept work in areas where others may provide a better service. We will analyze your issue in confidence and if we believe your matter is unlikely to achieve the results you desire or others would represent you better we will so advise you.

GLC and its Associates are active in all major Vietnamese markets. As a result, our specialty trade service is linking US firms to Vietnam's vast product market and to compatible Vietnamese business associates, and assisting US companies in locating new product sourcing channels through our network of relationships with Vietnamese manufacturers.

Our product sourcing and importing channels offer significant savings to our clients due to the much lower material and labor costs in Vietnam coupled with the aggressive posture taken by the Vietnamese government to ensure economic development and foreign trade.

Through our business collaboration service, we research and identify compatible Vietnam businesses that can provide a wide array of materials/products/services to meet your needs.

As an experienced importer of products to the US, European, and Japanese markets, GLC has the proven capabilities to assist our trade services clients with their import-export needs. Once an import-export transaction is initiated, GLC will serve as your agent in Vietnam, ensuring that:

Quality standards, shipping and delivery requirements, production capacities, and other requirements are met;

Appropriate contracts and documentation are in place to protect your interests and conform to Vietnam's import/export laws, tax and duty schedules, insurance requirements, and other international trade requirements.

Our comprehensive trade services also include business/product searches and screening, correspondence and translation, contract negotiations and execution, import/export tax and tariffs, shipping and transportation, customs requirements, and other services necessary to ensure that your trade deal is completed smoothly and in a timely manner, and that quality goods are delivered and received.

Why Do You Need Us?

GLC with affiliate offices throughout the US and Vietnam, has compiled a wealth of information on trade potentials between the US and Vietnam.

GLC will act as your agent in Vietnam. We know Vietnam, its language and culture, customs and business practices. This expertise enables us to know where to go for quality products at the best possible price on your behalf.

Sure you could send an Overseas Buyer. This person could spend some time, meet some suppliers, and certainly buy something. But, would you be getting the best price? Or, the best quality? And, how long would it take your Overseas Buyer to learn the business culture and Supplier capabilities? Would you really be getting a product made to your specifications? Would you be getting the product direct from the manufacture, or from an in country agent claiming to be producer? Would it be manufactured and shipped on time?

These nagging questions and many other potential problems illustrate why having an experienced local representation is so important. GLC can be that representative. GLC is owned by an American who has spend the past 10 years in Vietnam sourcing products, and providing business consulting services to Vietnamese businesses. Our in-country staff and Associates consists of US educated English-speaking Vietnamese-Americans who now reside in Vietnam. Thus, they are knowledgeable of both Vietnamese and US business cultures.

How Do We Know The Best Manufacturers?

GLC has researched hundreds of Vietnamese suppliers throughout Vietnam in virtually every market. We have filtered our way through the multitude of agents pretending to be manufacturers. We have toured factories and facilities. From this extensive research, we have selected and pre-qualified the best manufacturers of specific products within specific markets. Additionally, we have working relationships with these high quality suppliers. We have established these relationships with company executives, touring their facilities, and working with them to assure export product quality, capacity, and timeliness.

With the governments focus on economic development through the increase of exports and the approval of the Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (BTA), these firms are more than happy to receive our assistance while giving us the opportunity to pre-qualify their products as suitable for US export.

By being here in Vietnam coupled with our experience in the country, we have sufficient connections in each major Vietnamese market to be able to pre-qualify any supplier or manufacturer with confidence.

Need A Product Manufactured?

At GLC, we have the capability to have your unique product manufactured by quality manufacturers who understand the importance of price and quality to the America marketplace and with our local staff, we can oversee production quality on your behalf. Given an engineering drawing and/or sample of the product, we can locate an appropriate manufacturer who can produce it to your desired specifications, quantities, and packaging requirements. We also have extensive capabilities to design and prototype products based on a product concept. Being here in Vietnam gives us the ability to locate these top-quality manufacturers and locally verify on-time production with the desired quality control.

How We Work For You

GLC has senior market and trade Associates and government contacts throughout Vietnam and the United States. We have a keen understanding of market outlook in both countries. Most of our Associates in Vietnam are American citizens with extensive US business experience. They now live and work in Vietnam full time. GLC's Managing Director lived in Vietnam for the several years and worked directly with the country's Ministries and senior officials. He now lives in the US but travels to Vietnam frequently. Our US Associates reside in key business regions throughout the US. The GLC team possesses in-depth knowledge of successful American and Vietnamese business practices from actual experience at executive management levels. We are fully committed to alliance building, trade facilitation, and investment acquisition between the US and Vietnam.  We have an excellent working relationship with the highest levels of the Vietnam government and top Vietnamese businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Recent Meeting with Vietnam President Nguyen Minh Triet

For the US business, we are a one-stop shop for business tours and introductions to Vietnamese markets, Vietnam travel arrangements, cultural consulting and translation, business practice consulting, lobbying Vietnamese government officials, business start up in Vietnam, in-country logistical support, coordination and management of local resources, corporate alliance building, investment analysis, product and service sourcing, trade facilitation and negotiations, and marketing and distribution of US exports.

GLC is a results oriented service provider. We strongly believe that if our services do not help you achieve your goals, then we have failed and are not worthy of profitable compensation. However, we are extremely confident in our abilities to assist our clients and to assure accomplishment of reasonable goals and objectives. Therefore, we work for you in a somewhat risk free basis. We do not seek to be all things to all people or to accept work in areas where others may provide a better service. We will analyze your issue in confidence and if we believe your venture is unlikely to achieve the results you desire or others would represent you better, we will so advise you.

When you employ GLC's expert business Associates for consultant support, in-country marketing and lobbying services, corporate alliance building, and in-country cultural and logistical support, you will pay no upfront fees or retainers. We will first meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives. From this initial meeting, we will determine whether your objectives are achievable and whether we can confidently assist you. Upon mutual agreement of the scope of services and business objective, we will charge you a very reasonable consulting rate for our services, payable weekly with 25 percent retained by you until project completion. If your objectives are not met, then the retainer is yours.

When you employ GLC to assist you with investment acquisition or product marketing and sales, you will pay no upfront fees or retainers. We will meet to discuss your business needs and goals, and we will come to mutual agreement as to reasonable goals and milestones for your business venture. We will also come to agreement on our compensation, which will be fully tied to and payable with achieved milestones. Again, if we don't help you succeed, we don't get paid. It's a simple and logical concept that many companies are afraid to embrace because of historical poor performance.

Another way of working for you as mentioned earlier, is to work with you as a partner. GLC is prepared to enter into business venture partnering deals in which we will share in the investment to launch the venture and then share in the ventures profit. These partnering deals will particularly be considered for product exporters wishing to penetrate the emerging Vietnam markets. On a case-by-case basis, GLC would conceptually share in the expense to ship and introduce products into the Vietnam market prior to acquiring buyers. In most cases, with proper market and competitor analysis, this approach will result in favorable results and expedite the market penetration process.

Our Website

The objective of this website is to advertise our extensive inventory of self-designed and pre-sourced products, to create a bridge between Vietnam and US markets, and facilitate trade and investment ventures. GLC will utilize the site to augment its ongoing direct marketing and trade services business. Our website provides access to valuable information pertaining to trade policies, legal environment, economic news, business cultures and practices, Vietnam's manufacturing industries, and directories of hundreds of Vietnamese products. In future website development, GLC will establish on-line sales of these fine products. As a Featured Supplier, we invite you free of charge, to use the site as a platform to introduce your business and product line to the international investment and consumer markets.

Contact Us for additional information.



We Add Value to Your Product Sourcing and Trade Transactions


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VN Office/Packing Facility:
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